Links to other whale & whaling websites
The Institute of Cetacean Research
Scientific information of whales is generously available on this site presented by the Institute of Cetacean Research (I.C.R.), a nonprofit research organization specializing in biological and social sciences related to whales

International Whaling Commission
This official homepage by the IWC provides basic information around whaling issues addressed by the organizaion.

High North Web
The High North Alliance HNA is an umbrella organisation rallying the interest groups that represent whalers, sealers and fishermen from Canada, The Faroes, Greenland, Iceland and Norway, together with a number of local coastal communities. Only organisations and representative bodies from local communities can attain full membership. Individuals are welcome as subsidiary members

The World Council of Whalers
The international nongovernmental organization founded in 1997 to provide a forum for traditional community-based whaling peoples around the world, both aboriginal and nonaboriginal

International Wildlife Management Consortium
An international organisation open to governments, governmental ministries, departments, agencies, etc., involved in the management of wildlife, at any level of government, in any sovereign state, country, province, state or territory; regional associations of governments and their agencies involved in the management of wildlife; and non-governmental associations or organizations having a direct and genuine interest in the management of wildlife.

Whaling Library
The personally created homepage from Japan full of whaling information

Alliance for America
A large U.S. coalition of grassroot organizations, which promote the policy of balancing between conservation of the nature and human activity.

The Whaling Controversy
A well-organized research paper in support of whaling.


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