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The company prides itself in its "hand-made" approach to film making, with a production process that respects the traditional story-telling discipline of understanding the subject and the people involved and selecting the best ways of bringing the story to life.

Rooted in the days when the technical production process and the technology of film and video was far too expensive and labour-intensive to allow important production decisions to be left undecided until the shoot or the editing process, our foremost production values are found in the script and production planning - "controlling the controllable" - releasing important time and resources for the creative process. This proven approach gives both the production team and the client the confidence necessary to achieve the best possible result - on time, and on budget. 

Success demands more than a good idea. The entire production process - especially the location filming - requires endurance and commitment to the idea, and a solid grasp of the logistics involved in getting the camera and the crew to the right place at the right time.

Whether producing an industrial film, a documentary or a commercial, our expertise throughout the production process lies in understanding the subject and the message, attention to detail and a passion for telling a good story.

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