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Since 1984, Channel 6 Television has produced TV and film productions and provided production facilities to Danish and international TV stations, industry, public authorities, government institutions, private organizations, NGO's, the music industry and other users of professional media productions.

The company was established in Denmark in 1984 by Englishman Adrian Redmond, who continues to be the managing director and head of production for the company. 

As a television lighting cameraman, editor, photographer and producer, Adrian has 40 years experience of the television and film industry. 

Since 1985 the company has been based on a rural property outside the village of Mesing, near Skanderborg, about 25 km south of Aarhus, Denmark's second largest city. 

Adrian Redmond
Adrian Redmond

At our Mesing base we have a 150 sq. metre sound stage, a large workshop, several edit suites, a sound studio and our other production offices and facilities comprising equipment ranging from modern digital high definition to a comprehensive range of analogue equipment covering almost all legacy VTR formats - ensuring continued access to an archive spanning 35 years work.

Almost all Channel 6 Television productions are commissioned or funded in advance of production. Most commissioned projects are contracted and delivered according to a fixed price agreement, ensuring budget security for both client and producer. Most commissioned projects are produced in English or Danish as the original language and we have extensive experience in versioning, dubbing and subtitling for other languages.

The company's facilities and production methods are geared to comply with broadcast technical and editorial quality standards, regardless of whether the project will be released via broadcast television, hard-copy media or via the internet. With the growth of web based digital media, the majority of our productions are released via the internet.

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