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Film and television production has always been the combination of the creative art with the technical craft. Our choice of technical tools and equipment reflects our creative house style and the ways in which we seek to express our ideas and bring them to life.

With over three decades experience in tough location shooting and the rigorous demands of broadcasters for studio and post-production quality standards, we have developed our own approach to developing, maintaining and operating our own technical production facilities. We operate with modern digital high definition technologies whilst maintaining support and access to a wide variety of analogue equipment to serve both our own and our customers archival needs.

There are a few areas of technical facilities in which we have chosen not to specialize - such as motion graphics and aerial camera platforms, technologies which are developing so rapidly that it is always more economic to hire specialist suppliers for specific projects. For most of our everyday work, we are 100% self-sufficient with facilities that are proven in practice and on which we can depend.

This section of our website has been developed for the benefit of those technically-minded customers and production partners who have an interest in the technical side of our work. Please select from the menu at the left for details of each technical facilities category.

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