Hand-made film production

Other than taking your audience directly to the event, the product, the location or the people involved, there is no better way to communicate a message and tell a story than by the medium of moving pictures and sound.

A good script defines the message clearly and is the foundation for a well-planned, efficient production process. The camera and the microphone focus on the essential details, often giving the audience a greater insight or understanding of the subject than they might gain even if they were there themselves. The entire package of editing, narration, graphics, music and direction ensure high production values with each creative component contributing to the overall emotion and meaning behind the story.

For over 30 years, Channel 6 Television Denmark has produced a wide variety of video and film productions for broadcast, corporate and public clients for distribution via all media. Our experience and track record enables us to offer an efficient and cost effective service and the ability to research, understand and tell each story professionally with passion.

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