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Most of our location audio production is accomplished using analogue to digital tape or solid-state media with most subsequent audio processing and editing remaining in the digital domain. When working on location we follow several approaches, with equipment selected for the specific assignment and size of the crew allocated.

Standard EFP audio

Whilst the audio some EFP assignments may be handled by the camera operator with minimal equipment, we usually strive to operate with a dedicated sound recordist. Just like the photography, the quality of the audio in post-production and the finished result is only ever as good as the original recording from the location.

Most location audio is recorded directly to the video media, though for some assignments a separate audio recorder will be used for sync in post.

Our standard audio package is based on an SQN 4 mixer with a selection of wireless and wired lavalier microphones, supported with relevant hand or boom microphones. The BeyerDynamic DT-48 is our standard recordist's headset, though alternatives are available.

As alternative EFP mixers we have the SQN 3-M, the Opus Audio FPM420 and the Sony MXP-42.

Advanced EFP audio

For more advanced productions requiring greater control and/or a larger number of input channels we have a choice between one or two Audio Developments Pico 145 mixers with six input channels each and a choice of either mains or 12v DC powering, or a Soundcraft 200 series with a 24-4-2 configuration (requires mains power). These mixers are ideal for smaller live music productions or coverage of events involving a large number of microphones and external feeds.

For such projects these mixers are configured together with the appropriate outboard gear, sound carts, monitoring and playback facilities and suitable multi-track recorder solutions.

Microphone stock

We have an extensive microphone stock which includes the following -

Lavalier mics

Sony  ECM-44 / ECM-50 / ECM-55 / ECM-77
BeyerDynamic MCE-5 / MCE-6 / MCE-10.16 / MCE-50.16
Sennheiser MKE-5
Tram TR-50

Wireless microphone transmitter/receiver equipment

Sony (RX) WRR-855B (for HDW-750P), diversity (UHF)
Sony (TX) WRT-8B (UHF)
Sony (TX) WRT-805B (UHF)
Micron (RX) MR-1 / MR110, SR-520 (simplex) / MDR-650.3 diversity (VHF)
Micron (RX) SDR570.1 diversity (UHF)
Micron (RX) MR2 (mains powered diversity (VHF)
Micron (RX) MDR-4 multiple diversity receivers in racks (VHF)
Micron (TX) TX101 / TX102 / TX501(UHF) 
Micron (TX) TX501.1 (UHF)
Micron (TX) TX501 HH hand held (VHF)
Sennheiser RX Mikroport EK2012-90 simplex, VHF
Sennheiser TX Mikroport SK2012-90 simplex, VHF
Multiple units are available, frequency combinations dependent on regulations in different countries

Hypercardoid mics

Sennheiser MKH-416 / MKE-40 / MKH-80 / ME-88
Sony CK-74 / CK-76

Dynamic mics

AKG D-190 / D-202E / D-24
BeyerDynamic SM-58 / M-201NC
Electrovoice EV-635A
Audio Technica AT9100

Large studio condensor mics

AKG C-1000S
Sony C-48
Behringer B2-Pro / B2 / C1 / C3

Condensor mics

Behringer C2
Sony ECM-23F / ECM-280 / ECM-99 (stereo) / ECM-999PR (stereo)

Audio recorders
For separate sync audio recording or wild-track effects work, we have a variety of analogue and digital recorders available -
Nagra Nagra 3 (full track mono)
Nagra Nagra 4.2 (full track mono)
Nagra Nagra 4.2L (full track mono)
Nagra Nagra IVS (stereo, half track)
HBB MDP-500 stereo digital mini disc recorder
Sony MDZ-E50 stereo digital mini disc pocket recorder
Tascam DR-40 four track solid state digital recorder
Sony TCD-5M stereo compact cassette recorder

With the above equipment we are able to meet the requirements of most production assignments.
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