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For some projects, filming or recording audio in the studio is the best solution - if only for a part of the production. Here the ideal atmosphere may be created and controlled and the results can be evaluated with a higher degree of certainty than when working outside under bright sunlight and high ambient noise conditions. 

Studio 1
Our main studio was originally built and equipped for multi-camera "live to tape" production, and has seen use for many music productions and children's TV series, as well as many commercials, music videos and interview set-ups. 

Today Studio 1 is used primarily for single-camera productions. With 150 square metres of floor space, this black box sound stage is also ideal for small interior sets, interviews and process camera work. 

Studio 1

A well equipped lighting grid and control room access for sound control when required, as well as a dock door leading directly to our scenic workshop and garage offers many opportunities. For sets requiring daylight backgrounds with real daylight, as well as productions requiring a "dirty studio" where messy things may be filmed, Studio 1 may be extended fully into our workshop.

Edit 1 
Edit 1 is our original analogue control room and edit suite which still offers transfers and basic editing between analogue videotape formats - primarily 1" C-format and Betacam SP. 

This facility is mainly used for archival management and includes the ability to digitize from analogue tape.

Edit 1 - analogue

Edit 1 - Digital
This is our most simple digital edit suite, offering both SD and HD formats with Fast Liquid Silver and Avid Liquid Chrome HD. With access to Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, U-Matic SP, DVCAM and S-VHS VTR's, this suite is useful for administering archive material, viewing and pre-editing footage and handling scripting work. A Yamaha O3D digital audio mixer enables voiceover recording from our adjacent narration booth.

Edit 1 - digital

Studio 1 - Sound control
Studio 1 is well soundproofed and has excellent acoustics for voice or music recordings. 

With digital mixers in our non-linear editing suits able to handle most film dubbing and audio editing, our sound control room for Studio 1 remains a capable analogue workspace, with a classic Soundcraft 24-8-2 mixing desk, a Lyrec TR232 2" 24-track recorder and a host of analogue and digital outboard equipment.

Studio 1 - Sound control

Edit 3 - Duplication
Though no longer running VHS duplication, this suite offers a comprehensive range of legacy VTR formats, including 1"C-format, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, U-Matic Lowband & SP, MII, D2, D3, Hi-8, S-VHS, Digital-S and optical disc ensuring continued access to our own extensive archive as well as handling digitization jobs for clients who no longer operate these legacy videotape formats. 

Edit 3 - Duplication & dubbing

Studio 2
Our 60 square metre Studio 2 has long since been taken over as Edit2, but still serves as a studio for audio recording work - mainly voiceovers and acoustic musical instruments. Here the artists and technicians can communicate freely whilst they work - obviously sometimes slightly more challenging than when separated by soundproof glass, but for the right job and the right people, it is a more intimate and creative way of working.

Edit 2 - General view

Studio 3
We call our smallest recording space Studio 3 - our narration booth! For the artist or project that requires total sound separation between studio and control room, with very dry acoustics for close-up mic work such as voiceovers, this is the perfect workspace. Our Yamaha O3D digital audio mixer in Edit1 serves this studio, with the possibility to record to analogue or digital media or direct to hard disk.

Narration booth

Studio 4
Studio 4 - The Great Outdoors!

We make no apology for our preference of location filming over studio work, and whilst we recognize that it's not everyone's cup of tea, Studio 4 is our absolute favourite! We open the big doors of our studio building and walk out into the great outdoors, though still within cable range of our control rooms if required. This is the great outdoors, Danish style. A beautiful agricultural landscape with many possibilities - and even more if one drives a little further away to the woodlands and waters and picturesque villages of Denmark's "Lake District". Within our own property we can construct and dress all sorts of sets and situations. So come where the air is fresh and the rent is free and make the most of our region!

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