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After decades of tape and analogue electronics, our industry is rapidly becoming digital. Today, some of our field acquisition and most of our post production processes are handled digitally, which is why a robust, reliable and efficient IT infrastructure is essential for our business. 

Multiple networks
Our studio and post-production environment is based on several gigabit ethernet networks - one for general administration and internet services, one for general media transfers, one for HD-media and one for system administration and remote control interfaces such as the Avid Artist series tools. These four dedicated networks ensure stability and no collision between different network traffic.

Redundant storage
Our data and our clients' data is the most vital raw material for our business - whilst most raw material is held on archive media for emergencies and future use, the loss of production data is to be avoided at all costs. 

Storage on our administrative and general purpose servers is generally RAID1, with backup servers covering regular backups - as well as off-location backups of vital data.  Throughout our system the general rule for both servers and clients is that no user data or client data is stored on the system drives - ensuring that OS drive failures which necessitate reformatting never impact vital data.

All media data and production metadata is stored on RAID5 or RAID5+0 arrays, ensuring the highest level of redundancy whilst achieving the optimal data transfer rate for critical real-time media streaming and transfers.

Server system
Rather than running a few very large servers and storage arrays, our IT system is based on multiple servers, with media data spread across many arrays. 

Some regular client data enjoys dedicated storage, thus minimizing unnecessary wear and tear of the storage media when we are working on other projects. The use of multiple servers and storage arrays also enables us to maintain a low power consumption, and most assignments require only a few devices to be powered.

To support the higher bandwidth demands of HD editing and playback we have established a dedicated HD-Media network served by eight 64-bit Poweredge servers and eight Powervault RAID5+0 redundant storage arrays. This network and its hardware is independent of our other administrative and media servers and includes teamed 2Gbit ethernet connections to our HD media workstations with parallel 1Gbit connectivity to our other network clients. To ensure data security and regular backups, all media data is stored on our servers rather than on our client workstations.

Our extensive server and storage system enables us to hold regular client's data on line for many years, giving quick access to archive material for subsequent productions.

Dell server and storage systems are our standard hardware platform.

HD-Medianet - server and storage rack

HD-Medianet IT rack

Service and support
Our IT infrastructure has been designed and implemented in-house, and we handle our own regular service and maintenance of all systems. We hold spares for speedy replacement of all system critical components such as storage-media, system boards and power supplies thus reducing the risk of downtime which may impact our production work. 

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