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Edit 2 is our primary edit suite - an ideal technical and creative workspace in which almost anything is possible. Here we combine the classic disciplines of hand-made television with the tools and technologies of the digital high definition world.

A powerful HP z820 workstation running Avid Media Composer with Symphony option under Windows 7 is the core non-linear editing system for Edit2. The Avid Nitris DX gives input and output connectivity to HD-SDI and SDI signals as well as standard definition composite and component video, and analogue and digital AES and SPDIF digital audio. Whatever the videotape, video or audio signal format, we can handle it.

Our Avid Media Composer system is augmented with Avid Artist (Euphonix) control panels for tactile control of transport functions, colour grading and audio mixing.

Edit 2 - Overview

Videotape formats
With HDCAM as the company's primary HD acquisition format, Edit 2 is equipped with a Sony HDW-M2000P/20 HDCAM VTR which offers both playback of HDCAM in all HD formats as well as exceptional up-conversion from Digital Betacam, Betacam SX, MPEG IMX, Betacam SP and standard Betacam within the same tape deck.

Edit 2 is equipped with the following VTR's as standard -

Sony HDW-M2000P/20 HDCAM with multiformat playback
Sony HVR-M15E HD DVCAM / DVCAM / DV / DVC PRO (playback)
Sony BVU-950P High Band U-matic (3/4") SP with Dolby C
Sony BVH-3100PS 1" C-format (with advanced PR-98 TBC)
Sony DVW-500P Digital Betacam
Additionally, our legacy edit system in Edit2 has access to the following VTR's
Sony DVW-500P Digital Betacam
Sony BVW-75P Betacam SP
Sony J-3 Digital Betacam with Betacam SP, SX and MPEG IMX playback)
Sony DSR-20P DVCAM and DV playback

Other legacy digital and analogue formats are accessible from VTR's in our apparatus room.
The new suite has comprehensive routing and patching for all analogue video, digital video, analogue audio, digital AES and SPDIF audio, timecode and serial control, with the capability of the speedy temporary integration of other formats.

Audio formats
Besides file-based digital audio via our server networks and the audio tracks integral to the system VTR's, Edit 2 is equipped with various digital and analogue audio sources including -

Revox PR 99 MkIII 1/4" reel-to-reel
Tascam 122 Mk III Compact cassette
Fostex D-15 DAT
Sony MDS-E11 MiniDisc
Sony CDP-D11 CD player
Akai DR-4Vr 4-track HDD recorder
Dual 505 Gramophone turntable

In addition to Avid media Composer, our NLE workstation is equipped with Adobe Audition for digital audio mastering and editing - a particularly useful application for recording and editing voiceovers.

A Yamaha O3D hybrid analogue/digital 24 input audio mixer with discreet A/D converters and digital effects processing on every channel is the core of the audio system in Edit 2. Our monitoring system is based on K-Rok active monitors with graphic EQ calibration to the room acoustics.

Patching & routing
Edit 2 is a very flexible edit suit with all audio, video, time code and serial control signals fully configurable via the following patch and routing systems -

Sigma 4-level 8x8 routing matrix for composite, component, 4 channel audio and RS-422 signals

Kramer SDI 8x8 routing matrix for SDI signals (VTR & monitoring)

Kramer 10 way composite switch for auxiliary monitoring
48 way HD-SDI patchbay
48 way SDI patchbay
144 way composite/component video patchbay
40 way monitor feed patchfield
260 way analogue audio patchfield
48 way analogue timecode patchfield
48 way SPDIF (Coax) patchfield
48 way AES digital audio patchfield
24 way RS-422 Cat5e patchfield

System infrastructure
Edit 2 is both a modern HD edit suite and a backwards-compatible SDI and analogue suite, with a classic approach to broadcast engineering which includes discreet VDA's on all composite sources, full TBC control from the desk of all VTR's - including the advanced video processing features of the HDW-M2000P HDCAM VTR, advanced digital and analogue waveform and vector monitoring (Tektronix), a central SPG for synchronization, preview monitoring of all VTR's and sources as well as comprehensive master monitoring. The system also includes SD format-conversion and aspect-ratio conversion (Snell & Wilcox Kudos) as well as a number of tools for conversion between various digital audio formats. There are ample audio and video tie-lines between Edit2 and our other technical facilities. When not in use from the NLE and main control desk, all serial controlled VTR's may be controlled and monitored from the producer's desk for logging and transcription purposes.

Graphics production
The production of graphics, captions and subtitles is accomplished both with the integral tools of Avid Media Composer and dedicated applications such as Adobe and Corel Graphics which are not only available on the Edit 2 main workstation but also on the other graphics workstations within our facility.

Media data networks and mass storage
With few exceptions, no production media or metadata is stored on any of our workstations. All media data and metadata is stored on our central servers, which are located outside Edit 2. 

Besides our technical and administrative networks and server systems, Edit 2 is served by our HD-Medianet, a dedicated server and storage system with its own 2Gbit network for HD media data and metadata. The system comprises eight Dell 64-bit Poweredge servers running Dell Powervault storage configured in RAID5+0 offering ample storage space, exceptional real-time performance and convenient backup and data redundancy. This approach gives the added advantage of Edit 2 having a quiet working environment - quiet enough in fact to allow voiceover and simple acoustic instrumental recording to be undertaken in the same room.

HD Medianet server rack

Legacy digital productions
Our previous standard definition Liquid Silver and SD/HD Liquid Chrome HD non-linear edit suites have been reconfigured as a smaller and more simple suite for handling pre-existing production media data.

In the 15 years since we built our first digital editing system, we have completed over 100 productions and the media data and mastering files for most these are still on our servers, allowing quick access to earlier productions for clients who require new masters, language versions or the use of legacy SD media footage in new productions. Due to the incompatibility of data formats between the Liquid series systems and our new Avid HD system, we have chosen to maintain the capability to access, and if required, to re-edit or language version, on our earlier systems.

Edit 2 legacy suite HD/SD

This suite has direct access to Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, IMX, Betacam SX, DV/DVCAM VTR's and whilst not intended for the post-production of new projects, the reconfiguration of these systems will allow us continued access to archival data and videotape in the years to come, as well as allowing simpler SD assignments to be handled if the need arises.

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