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With the convergence in recent years of video, film, web and print media technologies, we have become experienced in the production of graphics for a wide range of clients. 

We offer a range of graphic services for various media and applications. Our work includes the following -

  • Web design and element creation

  • Stills photography montage

  • Product information for print and web

  • Corporate newsletters and communications

  • DVD/CD media and packaging, including print-on-disc

  • Reports and books

  • Commercial press releases

  • TV/Film graphics

We are experienced in the use of a wide range of graphics applications including Corel Graphics, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign and Avid Media Composer.

For website creation we prefer to follow the "hand-made" method using pure HTML code rather than adopting CMS applications. Whilst CMS offers a high degree of user maintainability and many visual features, it often forces the user to adopt standard layouts which result in many CMS-based website being all too similar. For the individual design and layout, HTML, whilst being more work intensive, offers greater flexibility and individuality, as well as offering typically better faster response time for the end user. 

The HTML approach is suitable for websites that do not require complex interactivity or integration with other databases, online shops or ERP systems.

All our websites are designed with simple and effective language versioning in mind.

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