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Research and writing is the foundation for all our work as story tellers. Whilst we have some areas of work in which we are more experienced or knowledgeable, our basic skills are that of the "informed outsider" -  being able to examine, relate to and understand any client's environment, product or message, and to translate this understanding into a story or text which gives the audience an insight into, and a curiosity for the subject. 

By maintaining our role as outsiders, we protect our most vital resource - the ability to understand how the audience will relate to the subject; what questions they may ask, what information they will find relevant. what arguments they will understand and be receptive to. In the course of our work with any client or subject over a longer period, we acquire some inside knowledge, but we strive to maintain our outside perspective.

Our research and writing work covers the following -

  • Newsletters and web text for corporate websites

  • Technical product information

  • Press releases for general media and trade press

  • Socio-cultural studies for industry and communities

  • Historical research

Our research and writing work may comprise only the working text, or may also include the graphic production and stills photography necessary to produce a finished work - depending on the needs of the client.

Smaller ad hoc assignments are usually charged at an hourly rate, whilst more complex assignments may be delivered according to a fixed-price agreement.

Recent work


Between 2011 and 2015 Channel 6 Television was commissioned by ConocoPhillips Alaska to research and write a socio-cultural study about the impact of oil development on the Native community of Nuiqsut, Alaska. This project involved some 24 weeks of field work in Alaska and over two months of editing and writing. 

The Next Horizon report - packshot

This assignment was conducted as a parallel project to the production of a documentary film on the same subject commissioned by Kuukpik Corporation - the village ANCSA corporation for the community of Nuiqsut. The end result, published in 2016, is a 200 page document with many illustrations covering a wide range of aspects of life in the community and the nearby Alpine oilfield. Both the research study and the documentary film are the result of the company's longstanding activities in the Arctic including our work in Nuiqsut since 1997.

To download and view the entire report in pdf format, click here

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