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Having built and maintained our own engineering environment for over 30 years, we have extensive experience providing technical services for others. 

We have taken the technical journey from the first video recorders, tube-cameras and analogue technology to the latest generation of high definition digital equipment and IT infrastructure. 

Whilst we cannot handle some of the tasks of the authorized workshop, we can often handle the basic maintenance and technical development on which any production environment depends.

Video drum

We have a well-equipped service workshop with electronic and paper documentation for hundreds of common items of technical equipment, and a good stock of spare parts for many units.

We often handle small repair or maintenance jobs for others - including production environments and end users with an AV problem. We have also handled the design and construction of smaller edit suites and viewing systems for our clients.

Technical documentation

Besides repair system development, we also offer some of our equipment stock for hire to selected customers. This includes cameras, lighting and grip equipment, location sound equipment, dollies and a camera crane. 

If you need help or even just advice on how to solve a technical problem in your environment, give us a call!

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