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When reading or hearing a text that has been translated from another language, the audience deserves a translation that is just as precise and descriptive as the original - as if it was written for them.

As we live in an increasingly globalized world, one would expect that the translation of text to other languages would receive greater attention and a striving for higher quality. Sadly, with the increase of the number of people who are communicating with each other in a second language - English for example - the opposite is all too often the case. Many professionals who are accustomed to communicating with overseas colleagues in a common second language, accept in a printed brochure, presentation film or web article many of the grammatical flaws and inconsistencies which though often acceptable in conversation or an e-mail, give an unprofessional impression when committed to a medium which must stand the test of time when read or heard by others who have little but the text on which to base their understanding.

Besides handling translation as part of our film production work, we also handle translation of text and proof-reading for many clients - for use in other media. Much of our work is in English, though we often handle other languages, always using proven and trusted translators who are fluent in the source language and have the target language as their mother-tongue, as well as having some understanding of the social or professional context of the original text.

Our translation work includes the following -

  • Film and TV scripts (including narration and sub-titling)

  • Product information, brochures and sales documentation

  • Web text

  • Corporate communications

  • Complex technical reports

Most translation and proof-reading assignments are charged at an hourly rate. Fixed price agreements are possible for larger or regular assignments.

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