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Are you searching for a walrus, a grizzly-bear, or a Boeing 737 landing on an icy runway? Maybe you are hungry for stunning-sunsets, incredible icebergs or Shanghai-by-night? Or perhaps the film you are editing needs footage from the harvest - and right now you're in your last week of post-production, it's 20 degrees below zero and snowing, and working combine harvesters are few and far between?

The visual story demands great pictures and even if the budget or the season is working against you, all is not lost! 

Archive footage is often the only solution. 

For the historical story or period-piece, for which you need pictures that illustrate a era that is long past, a building that was demolished a decade ago, or people who are no longer with us, archive film could be your only option. 

The Channel 6 Television film, videotape and sound archive is probably one of the company's greatest assets - a treasure trove for both our own - and our clients' productions. 

Since the early 80's we have preserved almost every original tape or film reel that we have shot, for almost every film we have ever produced. So far this amounts to several thousands videotapes, reels of film, audio tapes, and still photos. 

It's all there on the shelves - and we can usually find what we're looking for quickly!

Whilst the use of some of this material may be restricted due to copyright or privacy reasons, the major part of this collection is available for license to others. Corporate clients always enjoy free access to archive material from their previous productions when producing anew at Channel 6 Television.

The following categories of film and video material are particularly well represented in our archives - 

Archive filmstrip
  • Danish agriculture

  • Denmark's natural environment

  • Greenland - places and people

  • Iceland - places and people

  • Alaska - places, animals, people and industry

  • Canada - Nunavik region

  • Shipping and aviation (commercial & military)

  • Industrial locations and processes

  • The oil & gas industry (on land and offshore)

  • Sports and hobbies

  • Danish rock music in the 80's and 90's

  • Abstract images from the natural environment

With over three decades of productions in the archive, we can cover all sorts of other subjects. The initial contact to us - to find out if we are likely to have what you are looking for - is free of charge.  If we think we may be able to meet your needs, we will reply promptly.

If our reply is of interest, we can undertake a more detailed search and often supply an online screening copy. There is a fee for this service, and the cost will depend on the complexity of the search. If you wish, you may also visit our archives and view the material here. In some cases we may be able to show you some material in a low-resolution version via the internet.

If we find what you are looking for, you can buy a license to use the material. The price will depend on the duration and the purpose for which the material will be used. If necessary, our production office will arrange any clearances that may be required for use of the material. 

We never release the original recordings - instead we supply a high-quality dub copy - you can choose between a wide variety of analogue or digital delivery formats. Additionally, our license terms for broadcast use require that Channel 6 Television be credited for this material.

Contact Channel 6 Television about your next archive requirements.


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