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Our company has its roots in the traditions of public-service broadcasting - the idea that the medium of television can inform, educate and entertain at the same time. 

Channel 6 Television's first productions for broadcast television were for Danmarks Radio. In the 80's and 90's we produced many documentaries as well as music programmes and multi-camera productions from live events including classical and rock music as well a light entertainment. Besides selling our own productions, we regularly provided production facilities and crews for new, sport and post -production of features for the DR-TVP Natural History unit.

We were also one of the first regular programme contractors for TV2/Denmark for which we produced over 70 episodes of the popular children's' and family magazine programme "FAKTISK" -  a five year engagement which brought us all over Denmark, Scandinavia and the Arctic. "FAKTISK" was one of our best examples of "hand-made television" - producing an episode per week that was shot on location and edited "just-in-time". 

FAKTISK Iceland 1990

The "FAKTISK" team on location in Iceland, 1990

Many of our productions reach a broadcast audience without being commissioned by TV-stations directly - in fact the indirect route has often made it possible to produce niche programmes, which even public-service stations would not fund themselves. Through the open-media broadcasts of DR-TV and particularly through the DR-TV OBS programming, we have had the opportunity of producing a wide range of public-service programming for public agencies and private organizations.

Though not our primary activity in recent years, public-service broadcast production continues to influence our working methods and the production values of good journalism, exacting technical standards and efficiency in production.

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