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Video is a wonderful medium for promoting ideas, provoking thought and inspiring debate, and nowhere is this goal better fulfilled than in the educational environment. An educational film can bring the outside world into the curriculum in a very tangible and human way. 

Whilst one can produce an educational film on almost any subject, we generally avoid the "how to do it" film, that focuses on specific methods and abilities - these are often better served by a hands-on approach. Instead we prefer to use our medium for that for which it is best equipped - to provide background, different viewpoints and perceptions, to document history and to provide the basis for discussion, debate and further study. 

As broadcast television and journalism becomes more popularized and trivial the educational film becomes an even more important part of the public-service media with its ability to focus on a single subject or issue and not have to pack everything into two and a half minutes.

We develop many of our educational film ideas in cooperation with other educators and information professionals who are attuned to the current trends in and needs of the educational sector. 

Public authorities regularly publish curricula guidelines for the coming year, and we follow these with interest when developing new projects.

In previous years we have produced a range of educational films, covering subjects as varied as "Leading a healthy life", the correct nutrition for small children (targeted immigrant families), the challenges facing the agricultural sector as perceived by researchers, three portraits of young people who have lived with incontinence and the modern history of the Inuit peoples. 

Most of these films are produced in Danish and are available free to all educational institutions in Denmark.

To enable educational films to be easily deployed in the classroom situation, we often produce a film as a series of modules or chapters that may be viewed and used separately. This approach is particularly suitable for modern digital deliver systems - such as the Danish Education Ministry's teaching aids portal, as it allows both teachers and students access - both the the films themselves, and to the teachers guide which we usually produce to accompany the production.

Educational films are usually funded via a grant application from one of the Danish ministries - often the Ministry of Education which has access to National Lottery funding for this purpose. 

Projects may also be funded by other public agencies or private organizations. 

Whilst we develop many of our own ideas for educational films, we are always pleased to work with others who may have a good idea and the professional insight necessary to develop and realise it.

Frank Megabody
"Kom i form" The Ministry of Education
Mad til småbørn
"Feeding small children" 
Minisitries of Health and Food
Danmarks fødekæde
"Denmarks Food Chain" Aarhus University and The Ministry of Education
"Children and incontinence" (3 x film)
The Danish Continence Association
Fire lande - et folk
"Four countries - one people" 
Inuit Circumpolar Conference / Nunafonden

Please feel free to contact us if you are a professional educator or if you work for an organization that wishes to produce an educational film about your area of work or activity.

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