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Denmark's public-service television channel - DR-TV (The Danish Broadcasting Corporation) has a long tradition of making airtime available to public agencies and private organisations that wish to communicate with the general public.

Several times each week - during both off-peak and primetime hours - DR-TV airs a selection of such information spots in its "OBS" broadcast. Airtime for eligible organisations is free of charge  - the organisation must be a non-profit or a public agency, and the information spot must be of relevance to the general public. The organisation finances the production of the information spot - usually through an independent production company - and the content must adhere to strict regulations to be approved for broadcast.

Production of public information spots is an important part of Channel 6 Television's production activities. Though aimed almost exclusively at Danish clients, information about this area of production is included here on our English web pages for the interest of our clients outside Denmark, as broadcasters in other countries offer similar opportunities to public agencies and private organisations.

OBS public information spots offer public authorities, charitable organisations, and other private non-profit organisations such as patient-associations the opportunity to communicate with the general public via nationwide television - often during the most popular airtime slots.

DR-TV OBS programmes - which are aired at different times throughout the week, including during primetime  - have a weekly reach of up to 1 million viewers.


Children's Adult Friends  / OBS

For eligible organisations this is a particularly effective communication method.

Both the organisation behind the information campaign - and the campaign and segment must be approved as eligible by the DR OBS programme unit. In practice this implies that the organisation must be a public agency or authority, or a non-profit organisation. The message of the campaign must be aimed at, and be relevant for the general population. The content and production of the information spot must comply with DR-TV's general editorial guidelines and technical standards. The approval procedure is uncomplicated, and the DR TV OBS programme unit staff are helpful in their advice and guidance for both the organisation and the production company involved.

The organisation funds the production of the information spot and usually engages the services of an independent production company to develop, produce and deliver the finished spot. Since 1987 our company has produced many public information spots for many public agencies and private organisations.

The actual airtime is free-of-charge. An OBS spot may be aired many times over a longer period. Some OBS spots may be used for many years, though - just like advertising campaigns - a public information spot should be renewed after a while, so that the organisation can continue to attract the viewer's attention.

An information campaign can be built up around an OBS spot - generally using the organization's web address and telephone number, where the viewers can get access to further information - which often includes a longer information or educational film in which it is possible to cover greater detail than is possible in a short tv-spot. With web-based video hosting, distribution is free of cost, and the film material may be promoted via press releases or other media.

The production of public information spots is a particularly rewarding activity, because one is always bringing insight and help to those who can use it. 

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