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In our home country of Denmark there is a long tradition for producing public information films - a tradition which is growing stronger as the internet makes film distribution easy and efficient for many private or institutional customers, who previously had to hope for coverage by broadcast tv or rely on the expensive distribution of hard-copy media such as VHS or DVD. 

A major part of our work, both at home and abroad, is in the field of public information. Most productions are realised in close cooperation with public authorities, non-governmental agencies and private interest organizations. 

For such projects, we develop the production idea and the manuscript through a dialogue with our customers and funding partners. Some of our public-information projects are based entirely on our own ideas and funding is secured via public funding or private foundations.

Recent examples of our work in this field include information films for patient organizations such as the Danish Incontinence Association, public-information films about the correct sue of wood-burning stoves for the Danish Environmental Ministry, or a promotion film about Danish District Heating and Tooling technologies for the sectors two branch organizations.

Some of these information films were produced together with a public-service TV spot to promote the information campaign and advertise the availability of the information films on the organization's website.

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Whilst satisfying the corporate communications goals of the client organization, a public information film must generally comply with the same journalistic standards of accuracy and objectivity which govern other public-service media. 

This is an area of film production in which we have a solid and long-standing experience. We are pleased to work with our clients in the development and production of new projects - also where external funding must be sought.

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