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Industrial and corporate customers often have challenging communications needs - the desire to promote a broad range of activities - many of which are usually invisible to the public - to an audience that may be spread over the world and which comprises people of different professional disciplines and with varying degrees of insight into the subject.

Stories from the corporate and industrial world are essentially stories about human endeavour - the harnessing of ideas and technologies in the pursuit of progress, bringing new solutions to problems old and new, as well as paving the way for people to share ideas and work together.

The industrial and corporate world is a demanding environment for the film producer and story teller - the story must be filmed and told with the minimum of disturbance or delay for the customer's employees and production processes, and with a healthy respect for the often harsh and dangerous working environment in which the story takes place. Yet many of our customers have long recognized that its better to accommodate a film crew, that to have guests wandering around their facilities every day!

To bring the audience close to the story, we must bring the camera and crew there first. The industrial workplace is not always an easy working environment and a location shoot demands patience and planning, and the ability to make the best of the opportunities which present themselves on location. 

In the course of our work we develop an understanding of the clients product, service and technologies - and establish the personal working relationships which form the foundation for our understanding of the communications needs of our customers. Our task is to combine our story-telling expertise with the professional curiosity that makes  an interesting story.

For us, every customer is different, and every story is new to us - yet whatever the industry or sector, whatever the product or service, we aim to illustrate that our customer's idea will make a difference to the lives and work of their customers. 

LR Marine pipe installation

On location with LR Marine

Unlike the broadcast station, which usually caters for a single audience, the industrial and corporate client may have a more complicated communications task - requiring different media and productions in different languages. Often, the same location footage will be edited in different versions, to serve different needs such as corporate public relations, product presentation or technical instruction.

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