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Music and light entertainment is one of the most popular genres in the film industry and has shaped the language and alphabet of our medium so that today, music and humour are no longer a separate genre, but an integrated tool for expression in almost every film or video.

Channel 6 Television was particularly active in the music industry in the 80's and 90's, at a time when there were few production facilities - especially in Jutland.  At the time, Aarhus was still Århus - and it was the booming centre of new Danish rock with many local bands and solo artists who were fostered in the local studios and venues and many of whom remain at the top of the industry in Denmark. 

For many years, Channel 6 Television was one of the Danish production companies whose studios, crew and production style attracted many performers. In the same period, we operated one of Denmark's first independent OB vehicles, covering music concerts and light entertainment shows for local and national tv-stations. At home in our studios we also produced many memorable music broadcasts. Our archives from this period continue to provide great footage for Danish music productions. Who can forget the 1985 Afrika music video, which we produced at Feedback studios in Aarhus in that memorable weekend in 1985? Or the once-in-a-lifetime OB production with Tower of Power in 1986? Or the early days of Danmarks Smukkeste Festival? The list goes on...

There are fewer commercial opportunities for music production today, so our focus has shifted from developing individual music productions to integrating music and performance into many of our other films where we have the occasional opportunity of working with great artists and musicians. But for the established artist or newcomer band that has a yearning for an old-school video, we're still here and we're still keen!

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